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High yield return investing is known by very few Americans. Most Americans have been brainwashed by the advertising in the controlled media to only think in terms of buy and hold stock and bond investing and very few know that there are much more powerful retirement enabling investments available to the average person.With the collapse in the stock market the knowledge of these investments is even more priceless than before. Since it may take many years for the stock market to recover and the dollar is guaranteed 100% to suffer an inflationary collapse in the future, now is the time to get involved with high yield return investing.The recent news reports on the Bernie Madoff scandal had some erroneous reporting in it. Some news reports said that the high returns he said he got were unbelievable. But the truth of the matter is that it was not the returns that he got which were unbelievable but the chart that Madoff published which showed a straight line upwards and no dips in profits along the way. It was this which caused a competitor to start investigating and then report Madoff. But turning from this scandal let us look at some real high yield return investing.One of the most unique high yield return investments today is found at a solid bank in Europe. It is a currency leverage program whereby the money you deposit gives you a right to borrow 200% and then invest that total amount in five different programs. In 2007 for example these five different programs returned 53.32%,122.62%, 48.19%, 38.67%, 266.30% for each program. How do these returns compare to the returns you get in your local bank?Another high yield return investment that has shown the modern portfolio theory’s buy and hold philosophy to be flawed are the little known actively managed mutual fund programs that seek to make money in both up and down markets by leveraging their trades and shorting the market when it is declining. While the S&P 500 Index lost 37% during 2008 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped over 40%, our best actively managed mutual fund program GAINED over 77%. Market timing and many active trades do work.Covered call options trading is a high yield return investment that has also been hidden from the vast majority of the public because of the powerful vested interests in the financial services industry that are seeking to keep traditional stock and bond investing on life support. A good trader can consistently generate returns of 5% to 9% PER MONTH. How much is your money market account paying? 5% per year YEAR? We have a trader who has proven to us that that 5% to 9% per month is possible.Managed Futures are traded by professional managers known as Commodity Trading Advisors (“CTAs”). Investments can include futures, forex, and options on futures contracts. Managed Futures have the potential to earn monies in both rising and falling markets, enable investors to invest globally, and are used to reduce portfolio volatility through diversification. Now let us look at one of these high yield return opportunities below and see if it is truly worthwhile.Foreign exchange trading (forex) has spawned a number of ways to make profits from the trillion dollar currency markets. Once only a high yield return investing strategy of elite banks this is now available to the average person via managed forex accounts, signal trading services, expert advisors (EAs) which are commonly called forex robots. It is actually possible through one of the forex robots we use to obtain returns of 10% PER WEEK. Also, our managed accounts trader can generate 5% to 10% per month on average.Sports investing is another little known way to leverage the miracle of compounded interest which Einstein called the eighth wonder of the world. With proper discipline, money management, good picks and a top notch sports investment system it is possible to make 8% to 15% per month by using your own computer to place the investment bets online. We are confident you would enjoy this as much as we do.In this article we have touched on just a portion of the high yield return investments that once were available only to the wealthy and the institutions, but are now available to the average middle class person with some money to invest. There are others such as hedge funds, CFDs, secret bank trading programs and the like which we have not touched on in this article. But the ones we have talked about are sufficient to demonstrate that there is hope for beaten down portfolios. There is hope for those who believe they will never be able to retire. Now is the time to get involved with high yield return investing.The information contained and referenced on this website should not be regarded as an offer, solicitation or recommendation for any investments, investment funds or products in any jurisdiction where such activity is unlawful. This website is not directed at you, if we are prohibited by any law of any jurisdiction from making the information on this site available to you and it is not intended for any use which would be contrary to local law or regulation. Furthermore, past performance is not indicative of future performance. Every high yield return investment has risks.This article is governed by international copyright laws and is governed by the laws of Ezine Articles. Violators of their rules will be punished to the fullest extent possible.